AlphaLyra Betwwen cloud and sky

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Between cloud and sky
My gaze travels between the horizon and the zenith.
I search in vain for the secret border that leads to infinity.
Is it between these intangible ghosts that roam before me?
Or perhaps in the azur shades that blend into the blue of your eyes?
Where does it hide?
I am wandering between clouds and sky....
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• 1 - Dancer in the blue
• 2 - War memory
• 3 - Between cloud and sky
• 4 - Before the storm
• 5 - Cumulus song
• 6 - Summer day

2 CD
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Recorded 9 & 10 - 03 - 2013
Basilique Notre Dame de Lourdes, salle des Espélugues - Nancy - France.
CD1 : Alpha Lyra (Christian Piednoir)
CD2 : MoonSatellite (Marc Perbal > www.moonsatellite.volutes-abstruses.com)

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• 1 - CD1 : Alpha Lyra
• 2 - CD2 : MoonSatellite
from berlin to paris
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From Berlin to Paris

From Berlin to Paris is... a dreamlike journey through Electronic Music meanders. A tribute to Berlin, Capital of the musical culture during the 70', then a comeback to Paris, Capital of Arts and Kosmische Musik zealot. A romantic odyssey, starting with the very first Moog rustlings, then flying by synthetic ambiences of today.
Klaus, Manuel and Edgar musics still continue, today, to make me dream and, in the quietness of my musical den, I remember all those meetings we had, sharing some drink around a table or in the intimacy of a studio, friends and masters. Together.
From Berlin to Paris is dedicated to all of you who share the same love for that music that came to us, someday, from another world...

• 1 - Berlin 6.00 a.m.
• 2 - Unter den Linden
• 3 - From Berlin to Paris
• 4 - Beaubourg 16 p.m.
• 5 - Midnight in Paris
CDr & DVDr MellowJet Record
[ AL1101]
apha-lyra - space-fish dvd
apha-lyra - space-fish dvd
Alpha Lyra LIVE : "Space Fish"

August 21-2010, INEXAA, Nantes

Space Alpha Lyra and Olivier Briand, two important actors of the French electronic music, had offered a spectacular show with lasers and video creations. This evening "Space Fish" involved a cosmic and aquatic music, soaring and melodic, which invites You to an inner journey, a sort of waking dream, the magic of electronic sound mastered. Sounds "cosmo-aquatic" and chorus of synths dreamers will be at the rendezvous!

Video : Guillaume Diard / Lights : Jean-Christophe Allier

• 1 - From earth to deep sea
• 2 - Space Fish
• 3 - Tropical Naoned
• 4 - Gymnopédie cosmique 1
apha-lyra - music for the stars II
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Music For The Stars II

Christian has always pursued a dual artistic activity. A professional photographer and a passion for electronic music led him to approach Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Bernd Kistenmacher, Tim Blake and others, at concerts, or in private situations. These meetings, and listening to this style of music for so many years, made a personal musical project was born. Alpha Lyra was born in 2005. With his passion for astronomy, Christian chose this name, because the star Alpha Lyra (also called "Vega") is the brightest of the only constellation representing a musical instrument.
The musical univers developed by Christian is very deep and sensitive. Despite the influence of his masters, he takes the listener through a very personal space travel.
Christian is now considered of the most "cosmic" French electronic musicians.
“Music For The Stars II" is his first CD on the MellowJet Records label !

• 1 - Cosmic Waves
• 2 - Milky Way
• 3 - From Myzar to Alcor
• 4 - Departure to Sirius
• 5 - The Barnard's Star
• 6 - La Superba
• 7 - Cygnus X-1
alpha-lyra - aquarius
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Behind his instruments the musician give a real emotion in this second album, AlphaLyra. A long chord leads to an unexpected arpeggio. At times, you are close to heartbreak and stiring eruptions you use to find in Klaus Schulze's work. The third and most original piece of the album suggests an "ambient music" style, result of a Brian Eno and Phil Glass meeting. The fourth and longest piece of the CD (22mn) immerses the listener in a true aquatic univers. Incompatible musics, as minimalists songs and rich strings and choir chords, are mixed here with succes by AlphaLyra.

• 1 - Crystal River
• 2 - Aquatic Dream
• 3 - Aquarius
• 4 - Ocean Waves
• 5 - Ocean Waves (part. 2)
• 6 - Batanga Reef
apha-lyra - music for the stars
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Music For The Stars

Full of synthetic and repetitive musics since the seventies, Christian Piednoir, alias AlphaLyra, composed Music for the stars in 2006. With this first album, you can feel a real predilection for "cosmic music". With 5 titles, this album is an homage paid to the stars, where the music is so wide with strings, and with silky sequential choirs. Deep and paradisiac sequences reveal electronic gimmicks. Sometimes cyclic music after Steve Reich's or Phil Glass's manner, other times complex music like Klaus Schulze's, Music for the stars is a delight for the ears.

• 1 - North Star
• 2 - Bételgeuse
• 3 - Altaïr
• 4 - Deneb
• 5 - North Star (remix)
patch work music
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I am impregnated in electronic music for more than 30 years. In the past, this kind of music was called "Krautrock" (the german term) or "cosmic music". It leads to the "New age" in 1980, and electropop, and techno. The two last genres are far away from what I am doing. My favorite musicians are Klaus Schulze, and Brian Eno who created the "ambient music".

My music is influenced by the two styles, with choirs, strings instruments and unreal sounds. The pieces are quite long, so the listener can slowly enter into the music and let himself carry away with songs.

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